The Frankenstein Pages
These pages are devoted to illustrations and essays on Frankenstein.   In time more things will be added.  

• To see Lynd Ward's woodcut illustrations for a 1934 edition of Frankenstein click here.

• To see a description and reviews of my new book, The Man Who Wrote Frankenstein, click here.

• To read my article, “Debunking the Mary Shelley Legend”, published in the Gay Humanist Quarterly, click here.

• On 17 June 2008 I gave a talk on The Man Who Wrote Frankenstein at the Boston Athenaeum. For a description of the talk and link to a video recording by WGBH click here.  

• The core premise of Charles E. Robinson's new book, The Original Frankenstein (2008), is that, with regard to the surviving Frankenstein manuscript, words in Mary Shelley's handwriting were ipso facto composed by her. In my letter to The Chronicle Review (published on 5 December 2008) I analyze his “handwriting-authorship fallacy”. To read the letter click here.

Mary Godwin & Moonshine. “The Moon & the Origin of Frankenstein” was the lead article of the November 2011 issue of Sky and Telescope. This article attempted to support the veracity of the 1831 Introduction to Frankenstein through recourse to astronomy. I wrote a letter to S&T, which pointed out multiple discrepancies in the 1831 Introduction, and argued against Mary Shelley's authorship of either the 1831 Introduction or Frankenstein. To read the unpublished letter click here.

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